Finding Queer Representation (in Taylor Swift’s new album, folklore)

(Fair warning, this post is really less about writing…it’s like 15% about writing…and more just a long ramble of personal thoughts because folklore made me have feelings and I need to talk about them.) In my very first post on this new blog I wrote about why I choose to write nearly exclusively about queerContinue reading “Finding Queer Representation (in Taylor Swift’s new album, folklore)”

Current Works In Progress

I have two projects going at the moment. Actually…that’s a lie. I have about 10 projects in varying stages of writing at the moment. However, around 8 of those are on a low simmer on the back burners of the industrial size stove that is my brain. There are only 2 projects that I’m holdingContinue reading “Current Works In Progress”

Creating a Productive Schedule in a Pandemic as a Neurodivergent Writer

Thought I’ve never been officially diagnosed (and at nearly 30…what’s the point really), but I operate under the informed assumption that I am autistic. That’s what the symptoms say. Among the more obvious symptoms: the discomfort with eye contact, inability to read social cues or emotions accurately, sound and texture sensitivity, and a few others,Continue reading “Creating a Productive Schedule in a Pandemic as a Neurodivergent Writer”

Writing Updates and Thoughts

I’m currently living overseas, 5000 miles away from everyone I’m close to, which is a big change for me. It’s stressful, but I can’t say I hate it…for two major reasons. 1. The weather. I’m from Phoenix, Arizona. The temperatures there in July would never ever permit me to spend my afternoon on my balconyContinue reading “Writing Updates and Thoughts”


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About Me

First things first, I hate writing “About Me” sections.

I’m Meredith Ancret, if you are here on this page are probably here to find out more about my writing projects. I write historical fiction, fantasy, urban fantasy, sci-fi, and fairy tale reconstructions. Pretty much every single main heroine in my works (and a healthy number of side characters) is queer.

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